Argaman Algo Ventures (AAV) develops and manages fully automated algorithmic trading systems. AAV is a division of Mercury Derivatives, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hertshten Group that operates in Mauritius.

AAV is responsible for all in-house development of fully automated trading systems within Mercury Derivatives. AAV develops systems to diversify and leverage trading strategies to maximize long term profits and to complement 'point and click' trading done by Mercury Derivatives.

In addition, AAV aims to source industry nascent and early-stage algorithmic trading ventures, as well as algorithm-related research in academic research centers, for the purpose of developing algorithm-based trading joint ventures that offer attractive synergies, scalable profitability, reasonable risk, and potential for long-term commercial operation.

By mobilizing its in-house development as well as partnerships with external ventures and academics, AAV aims to leverage current trading operations of Mercury Derivatives to generate independent and growing revenue streams to fuel future innovation and growth.