Your Training

To Start

We hire those with a strong academic foundation and keen analytical and numerate skills, but we don’t expect you to have experience in the financial markets.

After joining, we invest in you with an intense 6-month training program that includes 2 to 4 weeks of introduction to our company and formal classroom instruction on topics such as –

  • Financial services industry
  • Macroeconomics & international markets
  • International exchanges and futures markets
  • Fundamental and technical analysis
  • Trading strategies
  • Soft skills (mental toughness, discipline, patience)
  • Money & risk management
  • Market analysis, research & strategies.

Over 6 months of training you will develop your skills on market simulators, be coached by a product mentor, and be immersed in market analysis with your managers and research analyst colleagues.

Training Continues

Because financial markets are dynamic, your training and development as a professional continue through on-going workshops, lectures & seminars by industry experts, and visits to work at other branches. We continue to invest in you, our most important asset.